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Main Features of Short & share URL

. s2url.in is a public and free service. We protect the confidentiality of information of our system. However, we do not guaranteed that the system is safe as on-line service.
. s2url.in is an another URL Shortener with a really cool and catchy URL.
. [ Upcoming feature ] - Get interactive charts with realtime analytics... trace refference sites, direct clicks, visitor's country etc-, Registration needed to monitor click statistics.
. It makes long URL short which is easy to use, read and pronounce.
. It is suitable for reproduction in print.
. It is more brandable and strenghtens your brand.
. s2url.in also offers customized short URL.
. Short URL is useful for sending through mobile phone via SMS and for social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Example, http://s2url.in/hVasZ